The TYMO system is one of many innovative technologies available to our patients. This top-of-the-range therapy plate from TYROMOTION is one of the two key components that make up the Tyrostation.
TYMO Vim Health

What Is TYMO?

At VIM Health, our range of intensive rehabilitation therapies is enhanced with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, including rehabilitation robotics and VR.

The wireless TYMO Therapy Plate offers a variety of treatment uses. It was designed for patients recovering from a neurological injury or living with a neurological disorder.

TYMO can be used to carry out comprehensive assessments and measure strength, weight distribution, asymmetries, equilibrium and coordination of the upper body, lower body and torso.

It supports several positions, including side-lying, kneeling, sitting, standing and transitional positions (i.e., going from sitting to standing).

The information collected from the comprehensive assessments is sent to a computer via Bluetooth and can then be used to tailor therapies using the TYMO.

With the use of fun interactive games, the TYMO Therapy Plate can be used to specifically target muscles in the arms, legs, and core. This can improve strength, control, and balance. Overall, the TYMO plate can be used to train postural control.

Who Can Benefit From TYMO?

Described as a ‘therapy system for the whole body’, the TYMO Therapy Plate can benefit anyone who requires neurological rehabilitation.

This includes those who have suffered a neurological injury, such as a stroke or spinal cord injury that may have impacted their posture, stance, and ability to stand, walk or move their upper body.

Similarly, it can be used to enhance the therapy of patients with neurological disorders, including Motor Neurone Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.



With so many innovative uses, it may come as no surprise that the TYMO Therapy Plate has a significant number of benefits.

For example, when using the TYMO sitting feature, patients can:

  • Practice functional unsupported sitting
  • Achieve symmetrical weight distribution to improve balance and coordination
  • Practice trunk and pelvic exercises to strengthen the core
  • Relearn how to control weight distribution when shifting positions.

Similarly, when using the TYMO standing feature, patients can:

  • Improve their stance
  • Strengthen muscles through a series of muscle training activities
  • Improve weight distribution when standing to improve balance and coordination
  • Increase active knee control.

Other Technologies

photo taken over the shoulder of physios bex and sophie who are looking at data from the bioness go on a small tablet. In the background we can see the bottom half of someone using the treadmill with the bioness attached to their right leg.

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