10 Tips for Managing grief Over the Winter Months

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Grief awareness week is acknowledged from 2nd -8th December; as the festive celebrations build in anticipation for Christmas day, it’s ok to take stock and remember that this time of year can be a very hard time for lots of people. In today’s article Vim Health are joined by Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Grief Coach Georgie Higton, as she shares 10 useful tips for managing grief over the winter months.

Pinch punch and all that. It’s that time again…

Winter, December and Christmas and cosiness it’s a beautiful scene isn’t it? Time to switch it all on and conjure it up!

Let’s face it, it can be a hard time of year; the darkness, the cold, the anticipation of how it will all be, the prospect of missing loved ones, acknowledging significant life events and changes, possible worries about the cost of living, maybe dreading feelings of sadness and loneliness.

So what would help YOU the most? What would spark a sense of JOY for you at this time?

Here are 10 simple mindful tips for managing grief and loss during the winter months:

1. Take a few moments to sense into your feelings, listen inwardly, about what you need at this time

2. Manage your diary so that it serves you well – factor in down-time just for you

3. Create boundaried time to remember your loved one(s) either alone or accompanied, perhaps with photos or sharing stories, favourite activities, food or music. These can be powerful ways to keep memories alive and close.

4. Share your feelings with a trusted person – you won’t be alone in how you feel

5. Whenever possible speak to yourself in kindly way

6. Keep active and mix up the festive period with a different activities, people and environments

7. Get out into nature, even for a short time, it can be the most dependable, unchanging and beautiful place to be

8. Take a few moments to show yourself compassion and understanding – acknowledge how hard it can be and how you are doing your best

9. Be realistic and prepare for the whole of winter, not just Christmas and New Year

10. Go slowly and nurture yourself through this winter time, it may turn out to be better than you imagined!

Georgie Higton is an associate of Vim Health, offering body & breath work, grief and mindfulness coaching sessions. For more information on her services available to Vim Health visitors, click here.


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