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VIM Health is a specialist provider of neurological and musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy services. We help people along their health journey with a range of combined therapies for rehabilitation using cutting edge technologies. 


Our Vision at VIM Health

We created VIM Health with a vision to provide quality neurological rehabilitation and health care services within a space designed for wellness.

The founders, Tom Taverner and Jon Graham, both have a deep understanding of neuro rehabilitation and technology.

Along with Crispin Simon, who has a proven track record of establishing quality services in the health care sector, they share a vision of improving access to quality therapy and equipment in the community.

With the realisation of our Accessible Gym, VIM Health is tackling the inequalities seen within the community that limit access to safe, appropriate spaces to exercise for people living with impairment.

Some Of Our Happy Customers

Esther Greene
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I did some intensive rehab and loved it! You can tell a lot of thought has gone in to setting up the facility for people with health conditions (and wheelchair users!). All the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and had the expertise to help me learn the skills I needed to reach my goals and become more independent. I love the emphasis on the gym and how it is designed to work alongside the more clinical aspect for a more wholistic approach to health.
Paula Stroud
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This place is incredible. Lots of parking and a level entrance for easy access. Tom the physio is amazing and clearly knows his stuff. I was there for a 2 hour induction and it was incredibly thorough. Afterwards I was shown the gym (accessible via a lift), it has a lot of really impressive equipment and you can go along and use without seeing the physio. By the time I’d got home I had been sent info for an app to download, this app contained exercises tailored to me specifically, to enable me to work at home, this was included in the price… bargain! I cannot recommend VIM and Tom and the team enough, I left feeling enthusiastic and hopeful! You really need to check VIM out!!!
Katie Loman
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I am a carer and have been for 12 years. I have been blown away with what this gym offers people. It’s able to give people The lifeline and skills to be able To live as independently as they can. They have a fast amount of knowledge and equipment for all needs. Would highly recommend
Katie Macqueen
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Going in to VIM healthcare was like a breath of fresh air. A really modern and calming environment which manages to feel really dynamic too. The staff are brilliant - really friendly and knowledgeable. I think the biggest thing I came away with though was a sense of hope and empowerment. I live with a neurological condition and the pandemic saw me lose function and motivation. With a thorough assessment from Bex I was given advice and signposting on to exercise opportunities where I live (London), and online resources, to tentative plans for block of rehab later in the year. I only wish I lived closer as it is a genuinely inclusive space with equipment to match. Massive well done to Tom and the team. I’m already lobbying for a London branch!
James Taylor
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Wow! What a place. Finally a rehab facility with the very best equipment, is well designed and looks great. Excellent staff and Therapists. Caters for any Neuro condition from Spinal Cord Injury to Stroke and MS. 5 stars.
Macy Window
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Kind and knowledgeable staff with an amazing equipment!! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a neuro rehab.
Kat Ex
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At last a neuro physio who understands SCI and a gym I can use. After 12 years with a spinal cord injury I could cry with happiness to find a gym( a brilliant gym) not only that I can use but where u feel welcome Thankyou
Mr King
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The day after our first visit to Vim, My father in law, Karam, sat up straight in his chair with arms crossed showing strength. Standing up and sitting down was made with ease. His walk less stooped. There was no sign of stress on his brow, his face calm. No bags under his eyes, his mind clear. Hard to believe that all of the above was achieved in one session. It has given us a tremendous uplift. The Physiotherapist showed utmost competence and professionalism. Karam happily responded to her instructions. On leaving, your warm words of encouragement to him was greatly appreciated. We were greeted and accompanied on arrival by Sadie. Walking into Vim was certainly an experience. Peaceful and welcoming. Every area of the space has been creatively planned with thought to perfection. Karam expressed to me that he felt light hearted while waiting for his assessment. Every success is very well deserved.

VIM Health

VIM Health is a specialist neurological rehab and MSK therapy service supported by a multi-disciplinary team of therapists. Our clients include stroke, brain and spinal cord injury survivors, people living with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or other neurological conditions. We also treat individuals with sports injuries, neck and back pain and those recovering from surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements.

You can view all the conditions we treat here.  

Investing heavily in state of art equipment to support people at any level of function or stage of their therapy journey, the VIM Health centre has a mix of upper and lower limb robotics and virtual reality technology.


The Gym

 With accessibility at its centre, we offer a safe, friendly space where anyone is welcome.

Adaptive equipment, tailored programmes and support from our professionals trained in manual handling, means absolutely anyone can come and get a good workout at their own pace. 

Importantly the gym is supported by Allied Health Care professionals who have an in-depth understanding of  medical conditions. So you can be sure you are in safe hands

Conditions We Treat

Your Health, Your Way

VIM Health has one goal – to empower you on your health journey. We want you to be independent, healthy, living and thriving. That’s partly where our name came from…vim and vigour derived from the Latin ‘vigere’ meaning ‘to be lively, to thrive’.

We recognise that everyone’s health journey is different and work with clients closely to understand what their aims are, manage expectations and recommend the best possible range of therapies. We offer a comprehensive list of services, supported by a multi-disciplinary team using the best-in-class equipment to provide a personalised treatment program, with ‘your health, your way’ at the centre of everything we do.

VIM Health Therapy Room with terracotta walls and sunlight shining through the window. There is an exercise ball centre screen with two cork yoga mats rolled up either side and two plants in each corner of the room.

We offer a comprehensive service. Whether you are at the start of your rehabilitation journey and looking for a intensive rehab program to optimise your outcomes or you are looking for a gym that provides a safe and friendly space to work out in with access to some of the best technology, this is the place for you.

Our Services

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