THERA-Trainer Lyra

Gain the ability to walk again or improve gait with walking rehabilitation at VIM Health using the THERA – Trainer Lyra.

THERA-Trainer Lyra

Lyra enables those who cannot walk to stand and practice walking. Whether you’re looking to regain your walking ability or want to get the physical benefit of walking, Lyra could be a useful adjunct to your therapy program. Lyra is a robotic gait trainer that helps people regain the ability to walk, improve their walking, and build confidence. When using the THERA-Trainer Lyra, the feet are held into place on metal plates whilst body weight is supported by a harness – the moving plates enable users to take more steps per session than other traditional forms of therapy may allow. This is critical in encouraging neuroplasticity of the brain. Neuroplasticity is how the brain re-wires neural pathways and promotes new movement.

It’s this high repetition of movement using a safe piece of technology that is proven to help people get back on their feet, improve confidence and start to rebuild lives. Patient information can also be collected from therapy sessions using Lyra and progression can be made by changing the parameters of movement.

Who Can Use the Lyra?

Lyra was designed to help people that are not currently walking and those that are on their feet but want to improve or retain their gait. After a stroke or spinal cord injury, One goal for many people is to get back on their feet and walk again – Lyra can help with this. For those people who are unable to walk, potentially due to spinal cord injury, Lyra will support gait training and the physiological benefits that come with it.

The technology can also be useful for people with neurological conditions such as MS or Parkinson’s disease that want to retain their walking ability.



The ability to walk is one of the key measures of independence and quality of life. Rehabilitation with the THERA-Trainer Lyra can significantly increase the chances of walking again for some people. For others, walking practice using the Lyra is a safe and controlled way to do cardiovascular exercise that they would not otherwise be able to perform.

Key Health Benefits Of THERA-Trainer Lyra

  • Improve or regain walking ability
  • Increase gait speed and pattern
  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Strengthen lower limb muscles
  • Improve range of movement
  • Improve bladder and bowel function
  • Increase confidence
  • Improve quality of life
Matthew in the Lyra

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