Rehabilitation Technology

Rehabilitation technology has advanced significantly over the last decade and as more solutions become available, VIM Health strives to encompass the very latest technologies into our holistic therapy approach. 

VIM-Health- intensive rehab
Neuro Therapy Centre VIM Health

A Blended Approach

Using high-tech equipment for physical therapy doesn’t mean we lose the human touch – at VIM Health we use a blended approach to rehabilitation that combines traditional hands-on therapy and technology. Using technology as part of your recovery enhances and complements hands-on therapy. 

VIM Health offers a wide range of tech solutions to help with your rehabilitation journey, all provided by trusted, renowned brands that have spent years researching and developing the very best equipment. Our team of professionals each have expertise in different tech areas so that your treatment plan will only include the right technologies for your specific condition and rehabilitation. 

Intensive Rehabilitation

VIM Health have significant expertise in intensive rehabilitation using technology. Robotics and VR technology feature heavily in our intensive packages, helping you get the very best results either at a crucial time in your recovery or later down the line when you have decided you want to try a different approach. 

Technologies Available At VIM Health

photo taken over the shoulder of physios bex and sophie who are looking at data from the bioness go on a small tablet. In the background we can see the bottom half of someone using the treadmill with the bioness attached to their right leg.
Bioness Go
The Bioness Go is designed to aid muscle movement in the lower limbs, enabling the user to lift their...
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Stephen is strapped into the LiteGait harness whilst using the treadmill. Physios tom and tom are either side of him supporting his leg and waist as he moves.
Improve your walking at Vim Health with gait training in the LiteGait
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Sophie Morgan stands supported in the Rex exoskeleton whilst using the pulley weights. Physio Tom is Stood behind her.
Therapy Games
VR Therapy & Tele Rehab
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Easystand Glider - Vim Health
EasyStand Glider
Strength & Conditioning
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FES Vim Health
FES cycling
Strength & Conditioning
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TYMO Vim Health
Pablo VIM Health
Macy is using a joy stick to operate the VR game on screen
Sarah Sits in her wheelchair whilst using the Thera Trainer Tigo
THERA-Trainer Tigo
Strength & Conditioning
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Balo high res

Rehab Technology For Neurological and MSK Conditions

If you are wondering what type of people use rehabilitation technology, then the answer is a wide range of people! Typically, the patients we see at VIM Health will have a neurological illness or musculoskeletal condition. We work with people recovering from strokes, people that have had accidents or are recovering from illnesses.

The technology we use in our therapy approach can set you on the road to recovery, help you achieve your goals, and improve your quality of life. Get in touch and book your first consultation today to discuss the ways we can help.