THERA-Trainer Tigo

VIM Health patients use THERA-Trainer Tigo for effective lower and upper body exercises at any stage of rehabilitation.
Sarah Sits in her wheelchair whilst using the Thera Trainer Tigo
Portrait image of Tigo in our accessible gym

THERA-Trainer Tigo

Often described as a good ‘all-rounder’ the Tigo range of upper and lower body cycles are a convenient way for people to perform gentle exercises from their chair or wheelchair. The versatile Tigocan be configured with various fittings, used motorised or manually, and be adjusted to exercise the arms or legs, or both together.

It’s this versatility that makes the Tigo useful for a wide range of people in their rehabilitation journeys as the equipment is brilliantly customisable and adjustable to unique requirements. Tigo can be used confidently by users with weakened areas thanks to the secure foot fixing straps, leg supports, therapy grips and arm rests.

Who Can Use Tigo?

Therapy with Tigo is beneficial to people with conditions such as MS and Parkinsons’ disease, and people recovering from stroke, spinal or brain injury. Because the movements can be supported by a motor, it is also suitable for those with Paraplegia.

People with rheumatic and orthopaedic disorders and those recovering from surgery will also find the Tigo helpful. The THERA-Trainer Tigo makes gentle cycling accessible to wheelchair users and people with limited mobility – cycling would normally be off-limits to many people with impairments as it would be difficult to get on a traditional exercise bike. Tigo brings the act of cycling right to the user without them having to leave their wheelchair or chair.



Tigo provides gentle exercise to those with limited mobility, whether used manually or powered, with or without incorporating upper limb movement, Tigo provides an all-around workout. From boosting circulation and metabolic health to the mental health benefits associated with regular exercise, THERA-Trainer Tigo offers a wide range of health benefits.

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve mental health
  • Boost the metabolic process
  • Increase muscle power and stamina
  • Aid bladder and bowel function
  • Decreases fluid retention

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