THERA-Trainer Balo

Improve standing and balance as well as exercise core muscles at VIM Health using the THERA-Trainer Balo.
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THERA-Trainer Balo

Treatment using the THERA-Trainer Balo is a fantastic way for people to exercise their upper body and pelvis muscles whilst testing and strengthening balance muscles. Balo protects the user from the risk of falling so repetitive exercises can be performed with confidence. Balo also facilities standing exercise for people that are not currently mobile.

Practicing and improving balance is important to boost overall confidence and reduce the risk of falling in day-to-day life. For some people, especially those with neurological conditions, falls can frequently happen because of balance issues and for others, even the fear of falling from unsteadiness can have a significant impact on their quality of life.

Who Can Use Balo?

VIM Health incorporates Balo exercises into treatment plans for anybody that is struggling with their balance, core strength and stability or upper limb weakness. Balance and core stability/strength is fundamental to movement and a person’s ability to perform tasks so is one of the key areas to work on for people that have suffered from a stroke, or head or spinal injury.

Balo is also suitable for people with neurological illnesses such as Parkinsons disease or Multiple sclerosis (MS).



Balance training restores confidence and reduces the risk of falling, for people recovering from illness or injury the risk of falling can have a massive impact on how they live their life. Balance training can help restore independence and the ability to conduct daily activities.

Therapy with the THERA-Trainer Balo is also suitable for people that need regular standing exercise. The well-documented effects of sitting or lying down for extended periods of time are combatted with standing. Standing with Balo has a wide range of benefits from strengthening muscles, to improving flexibility and increasing exercise tolerance. Regular standing can also help improve blood pressure and circulation.

  • Improve balance
  • Improve range of movement
  • Reduce fall risk
  • Increase confidence
  • Exercise & strengthen muscles
Rele stood in the Balo whlst using rsistance bands

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