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The Gym

Your Health, Your Way

Our Gym is a new type of accessible gym. We have a focus on specialist equipment supported by health care professionals to ensure the safety of our clients. Our Gym space is totally accessible and has something for everyone.

Inclusivity and community is at the centre of what we do. Our Gym is a space that is friendly, safe and supportive to your needs. It’s a gym supported by expert clinicians offering accessible equipment at standard gym membership prices.

So if you are starting a new health journey or coming out of rehabilitation and wanting to be more independent contact us and come have a look at what we have to offer.

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Fitness Your Way

Our brand-new accessible gym is a welcoming, calming space where you can exercise at your own pace, doing activities that suit your abilities.

The gym is supervised by clinicians from VIM health, with specialist training for manual handling.

Feel free to bring your carer, a family member or friend with you for support should you want to while you use the gym.


At Our Gym you will find:

But you won’t find:

vim gym

Personal Training

Our Gym has a strong focus on personal trainers to keep you engaged, motivated and reaching your goals. Our trainers also specialise in functional exercise sessions that are designed for people in rehabilitation from injury or illness. 

adaptive hiit class in full swing. 3 members sit passing a medicine ball to one another and in the background you can see to other gym members using the free weights.

Engaging Classes

Want to experience the benefits of exercise whilst building community and working out with others? We offer a range of accessible fitness classes at VIM Health – from fun and quirky, to challenging and high intensity! 


Joining our accessible Gym is joining a community of
like-minded people to exercise, in a zero pressure, relaxed space.

Visit us to find out more about initiatives, such as our honesty bar where all profits go to supporting charities important to us and the community.


We promise not to share any of your personal information.

Get in touch.

We want to do everything we can to answer any question you have to prepare you for your visit.