VIM Health offer accessible fitness classes, open to everybody regardless of ability. Our adaptive exercise classes are free to Gym members and start at £8 per session for non-gym members.

three gym members warming up for their class they are all wheel chair users.

VIM Gym Example Classes

Our range of accessible gym classes are designed to boost your motivation and provide all the benefits of working out in a group. Each session is led by a highly qualified instructor who specialises in the type of class being delivered, meaning you are learning the right techniques and working at the correct intensity or pace.

adaptive hiit class in full swing. 3 members sit passing a medicine ball to one another and in the background you can see to other gym members using the free weights.

HIIT Exercise Classes

Our HIIT classes are for those that love variety and surprise! Working on strength, endurance and power, our Physios Sophie and Tom, carefully curate new workout plans to ensure that everyone is feeling the burn. Combined with high intensity work out zones, these classes are designed to help you really push yourself.
We also offer adaptive classes for specifically for neuro diverse individuals, who might require sound/space/light adjustments. There is something for everyone!

John sits in front of sophie morgan in a dimly light room. sophie is sat on a bed facing john with her legs stretched out in front of her and her wheel chair beside her.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Our mindfulness, meditation and breathwork classes can help you control pain, release stress and tension and help you rebalance your energy levels. Held by mental health practitioner John, come, relax and recharge with us!
We all lead busy lives and can struggle to find the time to reset our mental wellbeing. Take care of your mind as well as your body at VIM Health.

Asha is on her belly on the floor in upwards dog with Pilates instructor Maria beside her.

Clinical Pilates

Our restorative pilates classes encourage you to move with more fluid motions and breathe naturally. Considered safe and gentle for everyone, this practice can help improve blood flow.
Held by clinical Pilates instructor Maria, these classes are ideal for balance and core strengthening.

Marissa is sat in her wheel chair whilst using the pulley weights

Upper body & Core Work Out

Working with Tessas Tribe Dance Fitness, dance classes at VIM are as much about building community and having fun as they are about getting fit! These high energy classes are about winding down, having fun, and having a jolly good dance!

vim gym

Class Pricing

Classes are free to gym members and charged at £8 per class for non-gym members. We offer a free first taster class which must be booked in advance. 

sarah sits in her wheelchair whilst using a free weight in each arm. she has her back to the camera
Piers stood using the free weights with his right arm

Why Join A Gym Class?

Do you prefer to go it alone at the gym or be part of a community? No matter your preferences, several studies have shown that health classes offer additional benefits to working out alone. It is thought that the social and supportive aspects of class workouts can encourage people to push themselves harder. Ideal if you require a little motivation boost!

Whilst we never recommend comparing yourself to others – remember your health journey is different to everyone else’s – working out as a group can help you develop better techniques and see how other people do things.