Lower limb rehabilitation


    Lower limb rehabilitation


    VIM Health provides lower limb rehabilitation aimed at improving the function of the lower limbs and enabling an individual to stand, walk and climb stairs.

    Lower Limb Rehabilitation

    At VIM Health, we use a combination of traditional hands-on therapies and state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology to rehabilitate the lower limbs. Our multi-disciplinary team will first carry out a movement analysis and assessment to identify any specific problems in the trunk, pelvis, leg and foot.

    From there, a tailored programme will be designed to help the individual achieve their recovery goals. The rehabilitation programme may include the following rehabilitation technologies:

    -THERA-Trainer Lyra – Gait Training

    -THERA-Trainer Balo

    -FES Cycling



    -EasyStand Glider – Strength & Conditioning

    -Functional Electrical Stimulation

    -Bioness Go – Fes Solution For Mobility

    -Vibration plate – Strength & Conditioning

    The programme may also include other VIM Health services, such as Occupational Therapy, Pain Management and Balance and Falls Therapy.


    Who Can Benefit From Lower Limb Rehabilitation?

    Lower limb rehabilitation is beneficial for anyone that is having trouble with the ability to stand or walk. This includes those who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury, acquired head injury or Poly-trauma.

    In addition, several medical conditions can impact an individual’s ability to stand and walk, including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Motor Neurone Disease.

    The loss of lower limb function can be life-altering, reducing mobility and making it challenging to carry out basic tasks, such as toileting, bathing and dressing. Because we have a MDT approach we can address a variety of challenges that someone may face.



    With the right treatment, muscle and joint strength can be regained, as can coordination and control. VIM Health offers a range of treatments tailored to rehabilitating the lower limbs. Through our hands-on therapies and cutting-edge technologies, you may experience the following benefits:

    -Improve balance

    -Improve mobility

    -Improve strength

    -Improve cardiovascular fitness

    -Improve range of movement


    Ready to start your journey?

    If you are ready to get in touch and start your health journey, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Initial chats are free of charge and are a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about our services. 

    Ryan is knelt on one knee whilst raising a kettle bell with his right arm above his head. physio sophie is knelt beside him
    Ryan is knelt on one knee whilst raising a kettle bell with his right arm above his head. physio sophie is knelt beside him

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