Neurological Rehab Services

VIM Health offers a wide range of therapies for neurological and muscular-skeletal conditions or injuries. This means we can work with a broad range of people, whilst offering each person a varied range of neurological rehab services and treatments. 


A comprehensive list of our neurological rehab services

Rehabilitation therapy for most people is a combination of different treatments that work to complement each other. By offering a broad range of rehab services through both VIM Health and VIM Gym, we can offer you everything you need to reach your health goals right here in our clinic. 

Intensive Rehabilitation Services


We specialise in intensive rehabilitation programmes for people who have suffered a stroke or other conditions effecting mobility. These intensive programs are specially designed to improve outcomes for people that have experienced trauma through injury or illness.


What intensive rehabilitation will look like is unique to you, but will include the use of high-tech robotics, hands on therapy, one-to-one sessions and access and training in the Gym. All clients will go through a triage process with a highly skilled clinician to determine what is and isn’t appropriate. This process helps determine the right care package for you.


We look at the bigger picture. Through our accessible gym we offer you the tools to continue therapy after the intensive program is finished. We also offer optional activities in the community such as swimming, kayaking and cycling.


Our Unique Services

Some of the neurological rehab services we offer are unique, particularly the way we apply technology to the rehabilitation process.

Therapies like these are often difficult to access through the NHS with long waiting times or a reduction in the amount of dosage you can receive. So our services can be viewed as an add-on to more traditional practices, or as complementary.

Elliot is floating on his back in the hydrotherapy pool whilst supported by a floatation device and physio Bex
Physiotherapist Tom and Julie are knealt on the floor next to each other whilst Julie completes some floor exercises.
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Image of Patricia in standing frame
sid i lying on his back whilst physio tom holds his right leg and orthotics specialist wraps his leg in a cast
close up of bioness go on right leg of a man.
a woman receiving therapy for her back during a home visit
a man using thera trianer lyra
close up image of hands massaging shoulders of a man laying facedown
Marissa is sat in her wheel chair whilst using the pulley weights

Treatment Your Way

Your health journey will be different to anyone else’s – because your goals and the way you experience your condition are unique to you.

From your very first appointment, everything you experience with VIM Health will be tailored to your needs and centred around helping you reach your full potential.