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    Gym Introductions & Training @ VIM Locations

    Polio and post Polio syndrome

    Our gym offers an exercise hub that places inclusivity and community at the heart of everything we do.

    Staff on-site are trained and experienced clinicians. They will take you through an in-depth accessible gym introduction, so you feel confident visiting the VIM Gym, using our range of equipment and attending our variety of exercise classes.

    The Accessible VIM Gym

    VIM Gym is a brand new, state-of-the-art, accessible gym brought to you by VIM Health, specialists in providing neurological and muscular-skeletal health solutions.

    It features an inclusive and calming space that offers a range of cutting-edge exercise equipment. We are proud to include equipment that works for everyone, including those recovering from a neurological injury or living with a neurological condition.

    Head Injury Vim Health

    Accessible Gym Introductions

    When you become a VIM Gym member, your first session will include a gym introduction for you and a support person. During a gym orientation, one of our dedicated trainers will show you everything from how to access the gym to how to book exercise classes and personal training sessions.

    They will also walk you through each piece of equipment, demonstrating how to safely use it. This includes our specialised equipment designed to aid the rehabilitation of those living with a neurological condition or injury.

    We understand that many of our members may be attending the gym with a support worker, carer or family member to assist with exercise and training. Our trainers will also provide a gym introduction for anyone that may be supporting you in the gym.

    Our accessible Gym introductions are designed to ensure each member is comfortable using the available equipment safely. A gym introduction must be carried out before you use the VIM Gym.


    Training At VIM GYM

    With a VIM Gym Membership, you can be assured there are always dedicated staff on hand to answer any questions you have, offer advice and help you get the most out of the equipment on offer.

    If you are visiting a personal trainer, attending an exercise class or want to use our specialist equipment, you will need to book in advance. Booking is quick and easy!

    Our highly-skilled trainers specialise in functional exercise sessions that are designed for people in rehabilitation from injury or illness.

    Brain injury Treatment Vim Health

    Ready to start your journey?

    If you are ready to get in touch and start your health journey, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Initial chats are free of charge and are a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about our services. 

    Ryan is knelt on one knee whilst raising a kettle bell with his right arm above his head. physio sophie is knelt beside him
    Ryan is knelt on one knee whilst raising a kettle bell with his right arm above his head. physio sophie is knelt beside him

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