Adapted Exercise Classes

  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
Marissa is sat in her wheel chair whilst using the pulley weights

About Adapted Exercise Classes

three gym members warming up for their class they are all wheel chair users.

Adaptive exercise classes are designed specifically for people with neurological conditions or those in with other mobility impairments. Classes take place in our gym and provide a safe, welcoming space for you to work on rehabilitation or managing your condition.

As well as being in a group with other people you can relate to, our exercise classes are led by a qualified professional fitness trainer. This ensures classes are safe and suitable for each participant’s level of mobility. Classes are kept to a small number of participants to ensure we can pay attention to each member, providing feedback on movement. Our Classes are designed to:

Improve overall fitness

Improve mobility and range of motion

Improve balance

Reduce pain or reliance on medication

Boosts mental wellbeing


Who Are Adapted Exercise Classes Suitable For?

Exercise classes are an excellent way to exercise for people with neurological conditions. You may have recently finished more intensive therapy and are looking for a longer-term activity to keep on top of your improvements or exercise could be new to you. In all circumstances, progressive conditions or following injury to the brain or spine, group-based activity can be fun and vigorous way to exercise along with peer support to help with your motivation.

Our exercise classes run out of the VIM gym and our clinicians can tailor these to a range of abilities and conditions to help in your ongoing rehabilitation and fitness journey.


Jack in a personal training session with ash. He is sat in his wheel chair whilst holding a kettle bell above his head with his left arm. Ash is stood in front of him.

Ready to start your journey?

If you are ready to get in touch and start your health journey, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Initial chats are free of charge and are a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about our services. 

Ryan is knelt on one knee whilst raising a kettle bell with his right arm above his head. physio sophie is knelt beside him
Ryan is knelt on one knee whilst raising a kettle bell with his right arm above his head. physio sophie is knelt beside him

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