Multiple Sclerosis

VIM Health provides innovative rehabilitation treatments that target reduced or lost physical functions that can occur as a result of multiple sclerosis.

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable and lifelong disease that affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

With MS, the brain struggles to communicate with the rest of the body. This is due to the immune system attacking the myelin (a protective insulating layer that safeguards the nerve fibres). Unfortunately, the cause of this attack on the myelin is unknown as of yet.

MS impacts more women than men. It can develop at any age but is most widely diagnosed in people in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis vary greatly depending on which part of the central nervous system is being attacked. But the most common symptoms include:

• Sensory changes including numbness and pins and needles.
• Weakness in the arms or legs
• Neuropathic pain
• Fatigue
• Muscle stiffness (spasticity) and spasms (especially in the legs)
• Vertigo and dizziness
• Balance impairments
• Bladder problems
• Visual difficulties

Symptoms can come and go in phases (relapses), or you might notice a gradual progression of your symptoms.

The Challenges Faced

With such a long and varied list of symptoms, multiple sclerosis impacts people’s lives in very different ways. Some people struggle with walking and may need walking aids for mobility.

Others struggle with day-to-day tasks due to the symptoms of MS, particularly fatigue, which can drain energy quickly. Multiple sclerosis can also affect the social life and work-life of an individual, especially if it is impacting their mental health.

Balance and falls therapy-Vim health

How Can VIM Help?

Although there is no cure, there is a wide range of treatments that can help people manage the symptoms of MS. These treatments allow an individual with MS to lead a relatively normal life.

At VIM Health, our combination of top-of-the-range rehabilitation technology and traditional therapies can significantly ease the symptoms of MS and improve quality of life.

Here is an example of some of the treatments we can use to treat Multiple Sclerosis at VIM Health:

  • THERA-Trainer lyra – Gait Training
  • THERA-Trainer balo – Postural Control
  • THERA-Trainer tigo – Strength & Conditioning
  • VR Therapy & Tele Rehab
  • Bioness Go – Fes Solution for Mobility
  • Bioness H200 – Fes Solution For Mobility
  • Neurological Physiotherapy And Occupational Therapy
  • Spasticity Management Service
  • Pain Management Service

Our treatments are tailored to each person and are brought to you by a multi-disciplinary team using best-in-class equipment.

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