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Highly specialised Neurological Physiotherapist

Job Title
Highly specialised Neurological Physiotherapist
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With a 5 % bonus scheme and the ability to earn equity in the business this is an opportunity unlike any other in the market.
Reporting to
Rebecca Walters (Clinical) Sadie O’Reilly (Non-Clinical)
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Company/Clinical Director

Job Summary

To provide quality and specialist neurological Physiotherapy treatment and advice to individuals in a wide variety of settings which may include the community or using tele-rehab. We are looking for someone who possess advanced clinical reasoning ability in the assessment, treatment, review, and management of clients with physical, cognitive and psychological impairment as a result of neurological injury. Your role would be on site team lead, providing clinical oversight and support to junior staff members.

You will be supported by the clinical lead but must be confident to work as an autonomous practitioner. You will be supported to maintain your CPD through in-service training opportunities and CPD programmes.   

Main Duties/ Responsibilities


  1. Undertake a team leader role, alongside the clinical lead in planning, co-ordinating, delivering and evaluating the physiotherapy service provided to clients at VIM healthcare.
  2. To deputise from clinical lead where required.
  3. Organise and manage own time to allow for appropriate treatment times, travel required between appointments if required and necessary administration work.
  4. To complete appointments and charges by the start of the following working week.
  5. To submit relevant information to appropriate person regarding equipment loans/purchases.
  6. Perform risk assessments, formally or informally as appropriate (i.e. treatment or environment) to ensure the safety or yourself, client or other individual.
  7. To provide clinical supervision and support to junior clinicians, Physiotherapy Assistants as appropriate.
  8. Adhere to all company policies and procedure, including but not exclusive to, annual leave, sickness absence, accident and incident reporting, health and safety, infection control and equipment loans.

Service Development

  1. To plan, deliver and evaluate the neuro-physiotherapy programme in partnership with the clinical lead and management team.
  2. To lead on the delivery and evaluation of the specific clinical VIM healthcare pathways.
  3. To be an authority at the centre to ensure best practice is maintained and safety of clients and staff is always a priority and effective.
  4. To take a leading role in service development


  1. To take a major role in the advanced assessment and treatment of patients within the service who may have complex presentation and to determine clinical diagnosis where appropriate and physiotherapy intervention required.
  2. To be professionally and legally responsible and accountable for all aspects of work, including the management of patients. To ensure a high standard of clinical care for patients, and to support more junior staff to do likewise.
  3. To provide expert assessment, advice and evaluation regarding specialist equipment e.g. seating systems, orthosis, splints
  4. To provide specialist and highly specialist advice to physiotherapy colleagues working within other clinical areas, re: complex neuro disability and rehabilitation needs.
  5. To obtain informed consent for any assessment/treatment undertaken.
  6. Formulate client centred treatment goals and outcomes based on clinical findings from assessments.
  7. Implement individualised clinical management programmes utilising a wide range of treatment skills and options.
  8. To facilitate the use of evidence-based practice to ensure that clinical care is both effective and patient centred.
  9. Competently assess the client with technological adjuncts as appropriate.
  10. To be responsible for the safe use of the equipment by the client and other relevant individuals (i.e. family, carers or other healthcare professionals) through teaching, training and supervision of practise.
  11. Running group therapy sessions as appropriate
  12. Review outcome measures and goals with appropriately timed and patient centred re-assessment.
  13. Delegate treatment plan through teaching, training and supervision of practise to junior physiotherapist/rehab assistants as appropriate.
  14. Providing clinical service when requested at Events and Exhibitions for VIM health or their suppliers, technology screening events and to local Client groups at support meetings.

Record Keeping

  1. Ensure that accurate, comprehensive and up to date clinical records are maintained within CSP Standards.
  2. Creating accurate records of your work and for making entries into Jane health records system and managing all VIM records effectively in line with the Health Record Keeping Policy and other Health Records and Corporate Records Management policies and procedures.   
  3. Produce comprehensive patient related reports for other disciplines or agencies relating to assessment findings, treatment outcomes or recommendations (such reports might include discharge letters, GP updates, referrals to other agencies and legal reports).
  4. Document all relevant forms of communication with/related to the client including but not exclusive to email, telephone and other verbal communications.
  5. Provide all requested note keeping and records for audit if requested.
  6. Document all accidents and incidents as company procedure.


  1. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and empathy with patients, carers and families.
  2. Ensure that effective communication is achieved to gain co-operation and enable patients to participate in the development of their individualised programme.
  3. To communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals, outside agencies and clients about their care and progress.
  4. To communicate with other members of the physiotherapy team regarding departmental policies, service development and management plans.
  5. Educate and engage the patient and relatives/carers regarding the nature of the condition and aims of physiotherapy intervention to maximise rehabilitation potential.
  6. Ensure effective communication of complex, sensitive patient information, between hospital, other health professionals, legal professionals and any other parties that may be involved.
  7. Maintain confidentiality during communication consistent with legislation, CSP standards and employer’s policies.
  8. Provide spontaneous and planned advice, teaching and instruction to relatives, carers, other disciplines and agencies to promote understanding of the aims of physiotherapy and to ensure continuation of the treatment programme.
  9. Consult / liaise with Lead Clinician/Clinical Director where appropriate regarding any issues that may arise in relation to the management of the patient (e.g. advice on specialist treatment such as Botulinum toxin or problems associated with the implementation of treatment).
  10. Ensure all written information is provided on company branded paper.
  11. Ensure all email communication has the relevant company disclosure included.
  12. Seek advice/supervision from Lead Clinician/Clinical Director with regards to written communication to be sent to third parties as appropriate.

Professional Development

  1. To be responsible for maintaining own competency to practice through CPD activities.
  2. To maintain a portfolio which reflects personal development.
  3. Participate in annual performance reviews with Clinical Operations and Operations Managers to identify and facilitate learning objectives.
  4. Attend all mandatory training required for the position (i.e. manual handling, CPR, First Aid, Infection Control).
  5. Actively facilitate and support the needs of other Physiotherapy staff, undergraduate students, rehab assistants and respective MDT members.
  6. To promote, lead and ensure implementation of new practices/developments in neurology as acquired by CPD activities.
  7. To develop skills in the technological adjuncts offered by VIM Health and to pass this knowledge onto colleagues as appropriate.
  8. Provide an active role leading and facilitating CPD activities within VIM Health by means of in-service training or dissemination of knowledge as acquired by independent study or CPD activities.
  9. Incorporate reflective learning into clinical practise including but not exclusive to, reflective diaries and patient discussion with senior/colleagues.

This job description should be regarded as a guide to the duties required and is not definitive or restrictive in any way. The duties of the post may be varied from time to time in response to changing circumstances. This job description does not form part of the contract of employment. 



  • Degree in Physiotherapy  
  • CSP membership  
  • HCPC registration  
  • Evidence of completion of specialist courses within the field of neurological therapy  
  • Compliant with DBS regulations



  • Extensive experience working within the field of neurological physiotherapy both acute and rehabilitation.
  • Evidence of completion of specialist courses within the field of neurological rehabilitation and possess developed specialist knowledge.  
  • Possess skills for assessing, forming diagnosis and providing treatment to patient caseload.  
  • Experience of supervision/ training members of staff and students.
  • Experience of clinical audit/ service improvement/ service development.
  • IT skills use of word, excel, database, email, power point, and internet use.  
  • CPD evidence of maintaining clinical skills through practice and education.  
  • Demonstrates understanding of complex relationship between physical, cognitive, psychological and social dimensions of illness.  
  • Ability to conduct risk assessment.  
  • The ability to prioritise effectively and to assist others to do likewise.

Other desired requirements relevant to this post

  • Ability to lead and work as part of a team.
  • Self-motivation
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Commitment to CPD
  • Holds a valid driver’s licence.  
  • Previous participation in research.

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