Back to the Gym Initiative

We are pleased to be working with Rooprai Spinal Trust (RST), who will be sponsoring individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to take part in a six-session bespoke gym program, carefully curated by our onsite Physiotherapists.

Orange and black logo from Rooprai Spinal Trust
marianne sits in her wheelchair whilst using the skiErg. she is wearing a black sports top with RS logo on it, yellow leggings and active hands gloves.

Who can apply?

The ‘Back to the Gym Initiative’ was created for people living with a Spinal Cord Injury, who want to return to exercise and form a regular routine that they can build with the support of health care professionals and continue on after the program. Those who live locally in Sussex or surrounding areas, that can access the centre are encouraged to register their interest via the contact form provided on our website.

Program overview

Marianne is stood in the EasyStand Glider. She is smiling at the camera and wearing a blck long sleeved top and yellow leggings.

Session 1:

  • Initial Assessment & Goal Setting
  • Exercise Guidelines & Prescription
  • Baseline Functional Assessment
  • Exercise Plan:
    • Shoulder Stability
    • Cardiovascular
    • Standing Program
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Stretching

Sessions 2-4: Weekly Exercise Sessions

Session 5: Progress Review & Program Refinement

Session 6: Final Assessment & Long-Term Plan

Unlimited access to the gym included throughout the program.

About Rooprai Spinal Trust (RST)

The Rooprai Spinal Trust (RST) is an award winning, entirely voluntary charity that helps individuals paralysed by spinal cord injury to access specialist physiotherapy and accessible gyms. Their work is inspired by Marrianne Rooprai. Marrianne was paralysed from the shoulders down, c4 complete, a number of years ago and has used physiotherapy and the gym to make great progress physically and emotionally. With several viral gym videos, including one on over 100 million views, Marrianne’s approach to looking after her body post paralysis has inspired many around the world and has seen her voted one of the UK’s most influential disabled people.

The RST has a select number of trusted centres around the UK that they sponsor individuals to attend; centres that Marrianne has enjoyed working with herself and is confident to recommend to others battling paralysis. VIM Health is proud to be one of those partners and we are excited to be working with RST to help those who can benefit from the use of our facilities.

“It’s a great centre. The energy and ambiance is exactly how I like it. It makes you feel pumped and ready to train. It’s a gym, with that gym feel. Just because I have a spinal cord injury doesn’t mean I want to train in a clinical environment. I want to feel like I’m in a gym, not a hospital! We’re excited to help others train at the VIM centre” – Marrianne Rooprai

Ready to sign-up?

To register your interest, contact us via one of the following email addresses:

or call us on 01273 037400.