The PABLO system is a part of the TYROSOLUTION range by TYROMOTION. At VIM Health, we use a wide range of innovative rehabilitation technology to provide high-intensity rehabilitation at all stages of an individual’s recovery journey.
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What is Pablo?

PABLO by TYROMOTION is a wireless assessment and therapy device for the upper and lower limbs. It provides tailored therapy at all phases of rehabilitation. Key components of the PABLO system include PABLO Handsensor and PABLO Motionsensors.

Handsensor is a therapy and assessment device. It enables patients to improve finger pressure, gripping motion and movement of their arm. It also measures and traces the strength of the hand and individual fingers, finger pressure, and the range of motion.

The Motionsensors can be used on the arms or legs to trace movements and assess joints, giving therapists detailed information about each patient’s progress. The measurements of joints allow therapists to correct any compensatory movements the patient may be making.

The Pablo system features built-in games, which were designed to encourage a range of different movements. The games successfully accommodate cognitive therapy whilst adding an element of fun to each therapy session.

The several components of the PABLO system enable therapists to tailor the rehabilitation treatment to each patient.

The PABLO system is one of two technologies that can be found on the Tyrostation.

Who Can Benefit From Using PABLO?

The PABLO system was designed to provide effective intensive rehabilitation for people that have reduced movement and/or function of their limbs due to a neurological injury or disorder.

Loss of movement and function of the arms, hands, fingers and lower limbs is a common side effect of neurological injuries, including spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries and strokes. Some neurological disorders, such as Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy can also lead to loss of or reduced function of the upper and lower limbs.

The PABLO system can be used at all stages of rehabilitation and can be tailored to the needs and goals of the patient.



The key benefits of the PABLO system are as follows:

  • Enables the upper body, including the arm, hand and fingers to relearn crucial movements, such as grasping, reaching, pinching and lifting.
  • Allows fully supported and measured full-body exercise when kneeling, sitting or standing.
  • Improves balance and stability by strengthening lower limbs and increasing flexibility.
  • Biofeedback provides information on each performance.
  • Enables easy tracking of therapy progress and clearly displays therapy achievements.
  • Control settings and difficulty levels can be adjusted for each patient.

Other Technologies

photo taken over the shoulder of physios bex and sophie who are looking at data from the bioness go on a small tablet. In the background we can see the bottom half of someone using the treadmill with the bioness attached to their right leg.

Bioness Go

The Bioness Go is designed to aid muscle movement in the lower limbs, enabling the user to lift their foot off the ground with ease

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