Launched by REX Bionics, REX is a hands-free robotic device designed for the rehabilitation of people with mobility impairments.
Sophie Morgan stands supported in the Rex exoskeleton whilst using the pulley weights. Physio Tom is Stood behind her.

What is REX?

VIM Health aims to empower our clients to meet their rehabilitation and recovery goals. And we do this using a combination of ground-breaking rehabilitation technology and hands-on traditional therapy carried out by a highly-skilled team of clinical professionals.

We are proud to offer REX to our clients.

Launched by REX Bionics, REX is a hands-free robotic exoskeleton designed for the rehabilitation of people with mobility impairments. For many years, rehabilitation exoskeletons have been used to help individuals with neurological injuries and disorders to stand upright, walk and turn.

But the REX rehabilitation exoskeleton goes above and beyond standard exoskeletons. Like standard exoskeletons, REX can safely and comfortably lift the client from a seated position to a standing position and support them in a variety of walking and stretching exercise.

But unlike standard exoskeletons, this innovative rehabilitation robot does not require the user to rely on crutches or a walking frame for stability.

By allowing the client to retain the use of their upper body, arms and hands; the REX enables the body to mimic the natural movement of walking unaided.

Who Can Benefit From REX rehabilitation exoskeleton?

REX was designed specifically to aid the recovery and rehabilitation of people that have suffered a neurological injury or live with a debilitating neurological disorder.

For example, it is beneficial to those that have lost mobility due to a spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury or a stroke. Data from 2019 demonstrates that every four hours, someone in the UK is paralysed by a spinal cord injury.

In addition, millions of people in the UK live with the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of severe neurological conditions, including Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Post-Polio Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s Disease.



The REX rehabilitation exoskeleton offers a range of fantastic benefits for users. For example, REX:

  • Reduces the medical complications caused by extended periods of sitting including pressure sores, poor circulation, muscle wastage, infections and bladder problems.
  • It is widely accessible and adjustable, meaning it can be used by clients with severe disabilities or mobility impairments.
  • It fully supports the weight, enabling comfortable and easy transitions from seating to standing, as well as prolonged periods of standing, turning and stretching,
  • Can be used for a variety of exercises, including squats, lunges, leg swings and more.
  • Helps maintain the range of joint movements.
  • Improves cardiovascular performance.

Other Technologies

photo taken over the shoulder of physios bex and sophie who are looking at data from the bioness go on a small tablet. In the background we can see the bottom half of someone using the treadmill with the bioness attached to their right leg.

Bioness Go

The Bioness Go is designed to aid muscle movement in the lower limbs, enabling the user to lift their foot off the ground with ease

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