Author: Hayley King

background image is close up shot of an elderly man using dumbells whilst a physiotherapust stand in front of him for support. There is text in a white box that reads: what is community physiotherapy?

What is Community Physiotherapy?

Community Physiotherapy, also known as Community Rehabilitation, focuses on providing healthcare services within the local community rather than in a traditional clinical setting. Through Community

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background image of tom hooper looking out over a field of yellow flowers. text in a white box overlay that reads: World stroke day an interview with Tom Hooper

World Stroke Day

Sunday 29th October is World Stroke Day 2023, and this years theme is 2023 is ‘Together we are #GreaterThanStroke‘. So, we are using our blog and

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Stephen is strapped into the LiteGait with Physios Tom and Tom either side of him.

Vim Health Spotlight: LiteGait

In rehabilitation, technology continues to break barriers, offering innovative solutions to aid patients in their journey towards recovery. The LiteGait from Mobility Research – has

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