VIM Healthcare Spotlight On: THERA-Trainer Lyra

VIM Healthcare Spotlight On: THERA-Trainer Lyra

THERA Trainers are used in neurorehabilitation clinics right around the world and are a leading brand due to their continued innovation and the availability of complete training systems for gait improvement, in addition to therapeutic cycling and balance solutions.

In this VIM Healthcare spotlight article, we are going to focus on the Lyra, a fantastic gait trainer that we have now had the opportunity to continually use with clients at our centre.

German Innovation

Being based in Germany may automatically give medica Medizintechnik GmbH, the owner of the THERA Trainer range a competitive edge – Germany is automatically associated with technology and innovation in many people’s minds! These assumptions about the equipment available from THERA Trainer are backed up by published research and evidence.

Founded by Peter Kopf over 30 years ago, the company have produced market-leading robotic therapy devices and software for people undertaking neurological recovery journeys.

Before we even opened the doors at VIM Healthcare, we knew that equipment from THERA Trainer would be a crucial part of our rehabilitation technology lineup, as our founder, Tom, had a particular interest in robotics.

Lyra Benefits

The concept behind the Lyra is quite simple – it enables the user to get up out of their wheelchair and replicate a normal gait pattern whilst supporting body weight, in minutes.

The user wears a comfortable harness that gently lifts them into an upright position – the feet are then secured onto two footplates. The footplates then move so that the user is assisted in walking. It’s safe to use, and effective and the patients we have had use it so far at the clinic love the confidence they feel whilst using Lyra.

Lyra can be used in a few different ways and for people that have different conditions, but an effective application is in post-stroke clients, particularly those that are reliant on a wheelchair. One of the key aims of equipment like Lyra is to bring independence to those that are either unable to walk after a stroke or are having difficulties with gait. Lyra can help people regain the ability to walk, improve their speed and persistence, and also their gait pattern.

Post-stroke, or a neurological injury, walking is the common number one goal for many people – the ability to stand and walk unaided is a key indicator of independence levels for most people. With this independence comes confidence and freedom.

Studies done by THERA Trainer indicate, as does other scientific research, that people participating in robotic gait training, combined with physiotherapy after a stroke are more likely to regain the ability to walk independently than people that don’t use this type of technology. The THERA Trainer study shows this to be particularly true for people that receive this type of therapy within three months of having a stroke.

THERA-Trainer Lyra At VIM Healthcare

We have all sorts of people using Lyra at VIM but it’s become particularly useful in our intensive rehabilitation programmes. Our intensive programmes aim to get clients training at a higher intensity, more frequently. It’s the repetition of movement that is crucial during these programmes to encourage positive neuroplasticity in clients, helping them reach their therapy goals.

One of the best ways for people to practice walking and rebuild those neural connections is by walking. That’s why the natural gait Lyra helps clients replicate is essential – users can walk for much longer using Lyra and build up those important repetitions.

You can see in the short video below how we use Lyra in the clinic – the equipment is demonstrated by Piers Henderson, a client who is participating in a post-stroke intensive rehabilitation programme with us. You can read more about Piers’s journey here.

It’s beneficial how quickly the Lyra can be adapted to suit each user – we can adapt stride length and the handrail height quite quickly. Transferring from a seated position to Lyra is also easy as the base opens to accept a wheelchair, secure the harness on the person using it, lift them and then remove the chair. This is convenient and safe for both users, and our therapists.

Of course, our clients don’t only use the Lyra, successful rehabilitation takes a host of equipment and we’ve found the THERA Trainer – Tigo complements Lyra. Whilst the Lyra is focused on gait patterns, Tigo is great for strengthening and conditioning muscles.

Our clients and therapists have both been impressed with Lyra and we’re looking forward to helping more people gain independence using this important piece of kit.

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