A part of the TYROSOLUTION Range by TYROMOTION, the AMADEO is a upper limb rehab device designed specifically for the rehabilitation of the hand, fingers and thumb.
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How Does It Work?

VIM Health uses a variety of state-of-the-art upper limb rehab technology alongside tailored therapy to support patients that have limited movement or function of their hands and fingers.

The AMADEO aims to improve the motor and sensory functions of an individual’s hand and fingers by providing highly intensive and repetitive hand movements. This rehabilitation robot improves the flexibility of the joints and strengthens the hand whilst reducing spasticity.

Who Can Benefit From AMADEO?

As with the whole TYROSOLUTION range, the AMADEO was designed for individuals that have suffered a stroke, acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury.

It can also be beneficial for patients that have lost movement and/or function of their hands and fingers due to a neurological condition, such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

AMADEO is beneficial for both adults and children and can be used at all phases of neurological rehabilitation, even if the injury occurred several years ago.



Upper limb rehab with The AMADEO from TYROMOTION has a range of benefits. Patients that have used the rehabilitation robot as part of their recovery have noticed significant positive changes within just 4 sessions. The benefits of the AMADEO are as follows:

  • Creates repetitive simulation of natural gripping movements
  • Can be used at all phases of neurological rehabilitation
  • Improves strength of fingers and hand
  • Increases flexibility of joints and muscles
  • Increase movement of fingers and hand
  • Reduces spasticity
  • Can be used to target the whole hand or individual fingers
  • Can be tailored to individual needs with the choice of passive, supportive and active exercises and tasks
  • Enables people to regain the natural freedom of movement of their fingers and hand
  • Measures the muscle activity and strength during use
  • Provides integrated real-time biofeedback
  • User-friendly
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photo taken over the shoulder of physios bex and sophie who are looking at data from the bioness go on a small tablet. In the background we can see the bottom half of someone using the treadmill with the bioness attached to their right leg.

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