What Is Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation?

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At VIM Health, we offer Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation packages. Our Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation is designed to regain body function by encouraging neuroplasticity to build new connections in the brain and nervous system.

What Is Neuroplasticity And Why Is It Important?

Did you know that your brain can modify and adapt the way it functions? How amazing is that?! Our brains control all aspects of body function and behaviours. And different parts of our brains control different body functions. 

If a specific part of the brain is damaged, for example, due to a neurological disorder or injury, the body function is affected.

But scientists have discovered that repeatedly practising a movement encourages the brain to dedicate more of an area to that movement. Over time, and with plenty of practice, the brain will begin to reshape and form new connections. This process is called neuroplasticity.  

Without neuroplasticity, the brain would never recover its ability to control body functions following a neurological injury or disease. It would never be given the chance to re-wire the nervous system and re-learn the functions, such as walking, that enable us to live our lives independently. 

Encouraging neuroplasticity is crucial in the first two years following the damage to the brain and nervous system. 

The first two years are considered to be an important window of opportunity as the brain begins to reshape itself at an extremely fast rate to compensate for the damaged area. After the first two years, neuroplasticity will slow, but the brain will continue to gradually make new connections.

What Does Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation Include?

Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation from VIM Health provides an opportunity for individuals to practice the repetitive movements that are critical to neuroplasticity.

The brain is an amazing yet incredibly complicated organ. So, neuroplasticity is not always easy to achieve, especially with traditional physiotherapy and exercise alone. That’s why Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation offers so much more.

Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation at VIM Health includes the use of innovative rehabilitation technology and equipment such as with Lyra, Balo, Armedeo, REX and much more. Our unique approach includes ‘hands-on’ therapy that is augmented by state-of-the-art robotics and virtual reality. 

When paired with traditional therapies carried out by a multi-disciplinary team, our high-intensity rehabilitation enables you to reach your full potential when recovering.

At VIM we also offer additional therapies if required. You can see consultant psychologists, Doctors, spasticity specialists and more. This is part of a blended approach where we have a mix of professionals to offer the best care we can

Activities outside the clinic are also on offer such as cycling, kayaking, and swimming. So, if you are keen to push your boundaries and get back outdoors supported by health care professionals then we are here to help you reach your goals. 

Who Can Benefit From It?

Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation is aimed at anyone that has suffered the loss of body functions due to a neurological disorder or injury. There is, unfortunately, a range of neurological disorders and injuries that have life-altering symptoms. 

Neurological injuries that may require Intensive Neuro Rehab include strokes, acquired brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Cerebral Palsy or post-Polio Syndrome may also benefit from specialist rehabilitation.

Examples Of Technology Used Within Our Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation Programmes

Here are two examples of the cutting-edge rehabilitation technology we may use without our Intensive Neuro Rehab programmes:

THERA-Trainer Lyra

The THERA-Trainer Lyra provides intensive gait training for those who cannot walk or struggle to walk unaided due to a neurological condition or injury. High repetition and specific gait training with the Lyra can increase the ability to walk by 20% when compared to traditional therapies.

The THERA-Trainer Lyra features metal footplates, which hold the user’s feet in place whilst moving to replicate natural walking patterns. With its body weight support, the THERA-Trainer Lyra provides highly effective walking practice, even for those who are currently unable to stand.

The Lyra provides controlled cardiovascular training and strengthens the leg muscles. It enables the user to make up to 40 times more steps than manual walking practice. 


Many people lose the function in their hands and fingers when living with a neurological disorder or following an injury. 

This can make it extremely challenging to carry out simple tasks, such as dressing, toileting and preparing food. Without these fine motor skills, an individual can lose their independence and freedom.

The AMADEO helps people regain hand function by enabling highly intensive repetitions of hand movements. This incredible device is the only one of its kind and was specifically designed to rehabilitate the hands and fingers, including individual fingers. It improves the flexibility of the joints whilst strengthening the muscles used to control the hand.

Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation Packages 

At VIM Health, we offer Intensive Neuro Rehab programmes, which can be tailored to your needs and requirements. All packages include hands-on one-to-one therapy, robotics and VR therapy and the use of our wide range of innovative equipment and technology.

All three packages include 90 hours of intensive rehabilitation, meaning they each cost the same price – £7200 with an initial assessment that costs £150.

Following an assessment by one of our highly-skilled therapists, we will recommend the best package for you. All packages include lunch and refreshment breaks.

If required, we also offer a residential option. This is ideal for anyone that is travelling from afar to access our Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation. Our dedicated team will support you to find suitable accommodation nearby and can also assist with finding additional services, such as nursing and support carers.

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